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German universities of music have a world-wide known reputation for their high standard in education - mirrowed by an extremely high percentage of students from foreign countries. The artistic education, however, is not a guarantee  for a successful career in the music-market. There are additional capacities needed, which are not part of the artistic edication in the universities of music.

Here are the purposes of our benevolent Foundation podium for young musicians :
we offer support to talented students aiming at a practical preperation for their future career. The experience on the stage is the entrance to the career. Furthermore, we believe that -being introduced to other cultures of music will serve to build up an open-minded personality of the young students.

The offers of our Foundation are directed to: - students of music
                                                                 - organizers of concerts
                                                                 - parents

They are based on the following three pillars:

Career: national + international

- The Foundation will open the doors to concerts, festivals and other events.

- Yearly "Orient meets Occident" encounters followed by concerts in foreign countries offer the opportunity to get acquainted with a different culture of music.
Such concert-tours help to increase the understandng of each other.

"Orient meets Occident"

Experience on stage:

A career in music needs an educational training on the highest level which is offered by our universities of music. However, the successful talented young musician is in need of additional experiences for his future career. This includes gaining experience in on-stage presence, marketing etc.

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